Careful tenant selection

The city centre retail environment is constantly changing. For retail locations to continue to offer an attractive shopping experience, be appealing places to visit and boast a good diversity of offerings long term, they need intensive ongoing management. We lease retail real estate, such as retail districts, commercial buildings and retail parks, revitalise city centre shopping centres, and create new mixed-use areas that perform a range of functions. A key component of the leasing process is a dynamic leasing concept that takes proper account of all factors relating to the property. By successfully pre-letting major retail construction projects we ensure that a key condition for obtaining financing commitments is met. We’re a partner you can depend on.

A professional leasing process

To achieve the best possible outcome when letting retail and commercial real estate, a structured, proactive approach is essential. We view letting as a multi-step, interlinked process.

Location analysis

By expertly analysing the immediate environs, we give you a realistic picture of the current state of the local retail environment and deliver insights into what shoppers in the economic and geographical environs of the retail property need.

Identifying tenant needs

We maintain contacts with selected, relevant retailers and use them to test the market’s appetite for specific retail properties.


Laying out the retail space

We work with the planners to coordinate retailers’ initial floor space requirements and layouts, and analyse the feasibility of their proposals.

Reliable leasing and sales analysis

A big factor in influencing tenants to choose to rent in a particular retail location is the availability of reliable, cogently argued figures for anticipated sales volumes.

A persuasive tenant mix plan

We use the pool of information we collect to put together a summary of potential tenant mixes offering long-term appeal to end consumers.

Negotiating fair rents

In negotiating rents with potential tenants, we aim to be hard but fair. We also provide the necessary legal expertise.

Long-term leasing

To manage tenant turnover, you need to keep in regular contact with your tenants and continuously monitor tenant mood and sales.

High tenant diversity

SQM Property Consulting concludes leasing agreements with nationwide chains and regional retailers, bars and restaurants, and businesses. That includes leasing to local independents, well-known chains and anchor tenants able to attract high levels of footfall.

Leases agreed annually

Leaseable space annually