Exclusive real estate sales

Our consultancy and services are firmly founded on trust and honesty. Managing the process of buying and selling commercial property is one of SQM Property Consulting’s core competencies. Our full consulting service for buyers and sellers is focused on retail property, office buildings, commercial property, mixed-use properties, retail districts and larger residential properties.

Orderly transaction process

We guide and support you in deciding on the purchase or sale of commercial property from the germination of that decision through to notarisation of the purchase contract. We offer maximum transparency throughout the buying or selling process. For new construction projects, by helping to shape the concept development, leasing and construction phases, we’re able to have a significant impact on the investability of the finished property.

Monitoring the market

During the genesis of a building, we help shape factors such as concept development and leasing that have a lasting effect on how easy the property is to sell.

Realistic appraisal

By recording and evaluating existing tenants, tenancy agreements, lease terms and vacancies, our monitoring process facilitates a realistic appraisal of the property and its market value.

Far-sighted marketing strategy

We use a property’s identified unique selling points to develop a coherent and effective marketing strategy. That includes compiling a dossier of all quality documentation relating to the property.

Selecting potential buyers

To find the best possible buyer, we compile investor acquisition profiles for comparison against the identified property characteristics.

Knowing how to speak to investors

We only ever approach top 10 investors with key project information and quickly lead them to the property if interested.

Forceful price negotiations

We make sure offers are comparable, pick out the stand-out offers and conduct negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Due diligence

The final phase of the sales process involves granting the investor an exclusive negotiation period and access to a data room containing all of the information required to evaluate the property.


With our extensive know-how and expert partners, we support our clients through the continuing negotiations right through to notarisation of the purchase and beyond.

A powerful network

Lots of large commercial real estate projects need some support when it comes to raising capital. We boast an established network of reliable, specialist banks able to offer support with financing. If required, we can also put together the foundations for a profitable joint venture by finding you a high-yield real estate project and identifying reliable partners or mobilising venture capital. Because having a powerful backer supporting you along the way is a big help to realising your full potential.


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